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The Authors of White Papers for IRSCT designation signify that the researcher has gained the knowledge of the fundamental and high-level concepts, and is a subject matter expert, proficient in an expertise course covering the professional code of conduct, and follows recognized standards of practice.

Present and Publish your Research

Publish Your Research with IRSCT: Where Novelty Meets Rigor

At IRSCT, we understand the profound value of research and the impact it can make in shaping the future of knowledge. We are more than just a publication platform; we are a community where innovation thrives, and where scholars can share their groundbreaking work with a global audience.

Why Publish with IRSCT?

1. Emphasis on Novelty and Innovation:

Our primary criterion for accepting research is its novelty. We recognize and prioritize work that showcases innovative thinking, contributes fresh perspectives, and has the potential to drive change in the domain. By publishing with us, researchers ensure that their novel contributions are recognized and celebrated within a community that values forward-thinking and groundbreaking insights.

2. Dual Peer Review by Domain Experts:

To maintain the quality and integrity of the research we publish, we have instituted a robust dual peer review process. Every submission undergoes a meticulous review by two experts in the relevant field. This ensures that the research is not only innovative but also accurate, well-researched, and stands up to the rigorous standards of scientific investigation.

3. Worldwide Recognition:

IRSCT is renowned for featuring research that is leading the discourse globally. By publishing with us, scholars place their work in a repository that is accessed, recognized, and cited by top researchers worldwide. Your work will stand alongside other pioneering research pieces, gaining visibility and credibility in the global research community.

4. Our Commitment to Excellence:

Our dedication goes beyond just publishing. We are committed to promoting an ecosystem where excellence in research is the norm. Our guidelines are stringent, ensuring that only the top echelon of research work makes it to publication. This commitment guarantees that your work, when published with us, earns the respect and recognition it deserves.

Preparing for Submission:

When considering submitting your research to IRSCT, ensure that:

  • Your work is rooted in originality and is not published elsewhere.

  • The research showcases innovation, addressing critical questions or gaps in the field.

  • It adheres to our formatting and ethical guidelines.

In a world inundated with information, standing out is imperative. At IRSCT, we provide that platform where your research not only stands out but also makes a difference. If you believe your work fits our criteria and can lead academic discourses, we invite you to be part of our esteemed list of contributors.

Join us in our mission to advance knowledge, one innovative research piece at a time. Submit your novel work with IRSCT today and let your research resonate with scholars and experts globally.

Potential Research Topics for Publication at IRSCT

Venturing into the realms of Cloud Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) offers boundless opportunities for exploration. At IRSCT, we're eager to feature innovative research in these cutting-edge areas. Below is a curated list of topics we believe will guide and inspire your research endeavors:

Cloud Technology:

1. Evolution and Future of Cloud Architectures

2. Multi-cloud Strategies and Deployments

3. Cloud Security and Data Privacy Concerns

4. Serverless Computing: Prospects and Challenges

5. Cloud Orchestration and Automation

6. Cloud-based Big Data Analytics

7. Cloud Networking: New Avenues and Solutions

8. Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure

9. Edge and Fog Computing Paradigms

10. Integration of IoT with Cloud Environments

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

11. Evolution of Neural Networks: Deep Learning and Beyond

12. AI Ethics: Bias, Fairness, and Transparency

13. AI in Healthcare: Diagnostics and Predictive Analysis

14. Reinforcement Learning in Modern Applications

15. AI-powered Robotics and Automation

16. Natural Language Processing and Understanding

17. AI in Creative Fields: Art, Music, and Literature

18. Cognitive Computing and Human-AI Collaboration

19. Explainable AI: Making AI Decisions Transparent

20. AI-driven Cybersecurity Solutions

Machine Learning (ML):

21. ML Algorithms for Time Series Analysis

22. Deep Reinforcement Learning Breakthroughs

23. ML in Financial Forecasting and Risk Assessment

24. Predictive Maintenance using ML in Industries

25. Transfer Learning and its Expanding Horizon

26. Anomaly Detection in Large Datasets

27. ML in Genomics and Drug Discovery

28. Quantum Machine Learning: Bridging Quantum Physics with ML

29. Feature Engineering and Dimensionality Reduction

30. AutoML: Automating the Machine Learning Lifecycle

Emerging Trends and Interdisciplinary Topics:

31. AI, ML, and Cloud Integration for Smart Cities

32. Quantum Computing's Impact on Cloud Technologies

33. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) powered by AI

34. Self-learning Systems in Autonomous Vehicles

35. ML and AI in Agriculture: Precision Farming

36. AI-enhanced Biometrics and Personal Security

37. Integrating Blockchain with Cloud Storage Solutions

38. Human Emotion Recognition using AI

39. AI and ML in Climate Change Prediction and Mitigation

40. Edge AI: Running AI Algorithms at the Edge Devices

These topics are but the tip of the iceberg in the vast sea of possibilities within Cloud Technology, AI, and ML. We encourage researchers to delve deep, explore uncharted territories, and present their innovative findings at IRSCT.

Selected Research Work would be published in Journal of Cloud Computing, Scholarly Articles of Cloud Advancements and will be Scopus Indexed

Receive a Letter of Appreciation from IRSCT

Upon publication with the International Research Scholars for Cloud Technology, we take the initiative to send a letter of appreciation to the Dean or CEO of the academic institution or company you're affiliated with. This letter, undersigned by our Editor-in-Chief or lead author, serves to acknowledge and commend your valuable contributions to the field.

white paper and brown envelope
white paper and brown envelope
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crowd of people in building lobby
Elite Networking Opportunity

Connect with Top-Tier Research Professionals

As an IRSCT Fellow Member, you are granted privileged access to an exclusive circle of premier researchers and scientists. Our platform facilitates direct communication, enabling Fellows to initiate or receive interactions seamlessly. We encourage an open channel, fostering a collaborative spirit among our esteemed members.

two blank business cards on a gray background
two blank business cards on a gray background
Future Opportunities at IRSCT

Avail Special Discounts on Upcoming Publications

As a distinguished Fellow of IRSCT, you're entitled to up to 60% off on your forthcoming publications with us. Additionally, our esteemed members can benefit from exclusive discounts on publications with our partner organizations, thanks to our collaborative recommendation initiatives.

people in conference
people in conference
Conferences & Events

Organize Seminars/Conferences

Fellows of the IRSCT are granted the privilege to organize symposiums, seminars, and conferences on behalf of IRSCT. They may also represent IRSCT by participating in events organized by other institutions. In both scenarios, coordination with us and obtaining our consent is mandatory. This commitment fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation within the field of cloud technology. Additionally, IRSCT Fellows receive alerts for free research conferences and other relevant events, ensuring that they are constantly engaged with the latest developments and opportunities in the industry.

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white and black happy birthday card
Certificate Provision

Acquire a Physical Certificate from IRSCT

Fellows of IRSCT are awarded a tangible certificate, authenticated with the signature of our Chief Researcher. This certificate can be utilized for academic and professional validations. Additionally, we also offer a personalized recommendation letter addressed to the dean of the fellow's affiliated institution.

blue and green peacock feather
blue and green peacock feather

Receive the Esteemed Membership Title

Fellows of IRSCT are privileged to bear the distinguished title associated with our membership. The Eminent Fellow IRSCT is an esteemed designation that can be affixed to an individual's name,

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